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Artistic Director’s Message

50 Seasons and Still Fiercely Canadian

Dearest friends of Factory, old and new,

Since 1970, when Ken Gass and Frank Trotz founded Factory Theatre, dedicated exclusively to the production and development of new Canadian plays, Factory has been nothing if not resilient. From those earliest days of risk, failure, and reward; resignations, near financial collapse; from time worn entrance ways to shiny new facades; from famous flops to runaway hits and from boycott to bold new vision, Factory has done more than change with the times, we have changed the times themselves.

The 2019/2020 50th Anniversary Season is a tribute to past Artistic Directors; to some of our most notable staff members; to our long-standing artistic partners from across the country; and to our beautiful iconic spaces in the building. While each production has been chosen to represent a slice of the company’s history, the stories themselves are all about resilience. Each and every one of the stories this season addresses the turbulent times we find ourselves in and deals with the ability of the human spirit to adapt in the face of adversity.

Anniversaries are meant to pay tribute to the past, but I’d like to think that our season goes beyond honouring Factory’s legacy. This season is about stories of who we are and where we are going; stories that can offer us new perspectives and renew our capacity to dream bigger than we have before; stories that give us a glimpse into the kind of Canadians we want to become…all the while remaining fiercely, resiliently Canadian.

I hope our 50th Anniversary Season takes you on a journey that entertains, challenges and inspires. See you at the theatre!

Photo of Artistic Director Nina Lee Aquino on Factory Theatre's balcony. She poses with two plush Mooses.
Artistic Director, Nina Lee Aquino

Artistic Director Nina Lee Aquino's signature

Nina Lee Aquino, Artistic Director