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Dates and times

From The Wreckage

July 26–27 2024, Studio Theatre

Running Time: 120 Minutes (including a 15 minute intermission)

From the Wreckage is a concert/theatre hybrid that fuses storytelling with rock n’roll. A band composed of young women (ages 17-18) guide us through the creation of Alice’s first album and the moments that inspired the hymns, unraveling folk daydreams, unclassic love songs and teen-angst anthems.  In the wake of family relationships littered with shattered expectations,  Alice and Noa fall for each other and weigh risk with the hope of connecting with love, self-discovery and their voice as artists. This show’s radical honesty shatters structures that muffle diverse Queer voices and amplifies the complex and interwoven stories of women.

You can experience three performances of From the Wreckage: 7pm July 26, and 2pm and 7pm on July 27. All tickets are general admission. In order to make this show accessible to as many people as possible, we are selling tickets on a sliding scale. We invite you to choose the ticket price $15 or $25 or $45 that best suits your budget. A sliding scale is a tool for building economic justice, and it requires your active participation. Paying what you are able enables those who might otherwise be unable to afford the cost of admission to pay a reduced ticket price. Thank you for helping to make this show accessible to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience live theatre. If ticket prices are a barrier for you, check out the special discounted pricing for the 2pm July 27 show.

Journey To (Director)
Eloise Harrington (Music, Book, Lyrics, Performer: Alice, Guitar)
Hiyab Araya (Original Creator, Music Contributor, Performer: Noa)
Mickayla D’Andrea (Music, Performer: Vera, Lead Guitar, Keyboard)
Sara Pedrosa (Book, Producer, Performer: Sylvia)
Eliza Crabtree (Original Creator, Performer: Sam, Drums)
Greta Klesch (Performer: Jesse, Bass)
Adrian Fevlo (Performer: Imani)
Alexia Kuest (Stage Manager)

Content Warnings

  • References to homophobia
  • Brief use of mature language

I've had the pleasure to watch From the Wreckage ... and witnessed first-hand the electrifying impact it had on young audiences -- specifically teenagers.

Maddie Bautista, Creator/Composer/Sound Designer

Each time I have seen it, I have been struck by its uniqueness, scrappiness, and individuality—something the Toronto musical theatre scene could really use.

Jake Schindler, Composer/Musical Director

This is a production that really managed to take the intimate moments, these very internal moments and make them grand and large and take us all on a journey together.

Nicole Stamp, Writer/Director/Performer