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Cahoots Theatre - A Taste of Empire

May 1 - 6, 2018

Studio Theatre


Cahoots Theatre presents
a rice & beans theatre production

written and directed by Jovanni Sy
translated and performed by Derek Chan
production design by Pedro Chamale

We are what we eat. But where does it come from? How does it get here? A wacky and fun culinary exploration of global food domination and the conquest for our appetites.

Everything we eat tells a story. While cooking a traditional Filipino dish in real time, translator/performer Derek Chan takes us on an entertaining and thought-provoking trip through history as he weaves stories of conquest, imperialistic desires, and colonialism through the construction (and deconstruction) of the "Rellenong Bangus." Audiences will immerse themselves in the tantalizing aromas of a kitchen, and a tasting plate is served at the conclusion of the piece. A Taste of Empire is truly a feast for the mind and the palate.

Presented in Cantonese with open captions in English and Simplified Chinese.
Duration: 90 minutes

Hashtag: #atasteofempire

“As a cooking demonstration that also provides food for thought, A Taste of Empire is a great success.” – J. Kelly Nestruck, Globe and Mail (3/4 Stars)


“I guarantee this dish will stay with you.” -  Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine (NNNN)




Playwright & Director
- Jovanni Sy
Translator & Performer - Derek Chan
Production Designer - Pedro Chamale
Stage Manager - Teresa Leung
Producer - Maria Zarrillo
Production Manager - Lily Chan
Outreach Coordinator - Karthy Chin


Cahoots Theatre
holds a prominent place in Toronto’s arts community, pioneering programming that reflects Canada’s diverse landscape. Focusing on intercultural encounters, the intersection of identities and the innovation of form contributes to Cahoots’ powerful and enduring vision. Working with artists of colour, Deaf artists, queer artists, and other marginalized groups, Cahoots gives voice to unique perspectives through the development and production of new works, mentorship opportunities and community outreach initiatives.

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rice & beans theatre
was founded in 2010 by Pedro Chamale and Derek Chan. Dedicated to defining the nature and function of a contemporary theatre, while telling stories of where they come from and where they are going. rice & beans theatre focuses on the creation, incubation and production of original performances. Through rigorous experimentation, with intimate passion and delicate violence, they write, adapt, and devise work that is relevant and artistically responsible. rice & beans theatre believes that theatre should be accessible, honest, uncompromising and personal.



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