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May 24 - June 1, 2019

Studio Theatre


Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour in collaboration with the company from stories by Ovid.


Michele Smith*


Danya Buonastella
Rob Feetham
Dean Gilmour*
Daniel Richard Henkel
Neena Jayarajan




Teresa Przybylski


Simon Rossiter

* Appears courtesy of CAEA

Stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Join us for our work-in-progress performances of our latest creation.

“Metamorphoses” is movement and mime! Stills in motion! Actors transform, characters metamorphose and stories resonate.

“Metamorphoses” is survival. To be alive is to change, to transform. Human beings have many identities. Everything changes. Nothing dies. The soul wanders here and there. It inhabits whatever body it pleases. What just was, is no longer and what isn’t, is about to be. Every moment is a rebirth. What you are or were, is not what you will be tomorrow. Being born is the beginning of being something other than what you were before. Dying is the end of what you once were. But the soul never dies.

About Theatre Smith-Gilmour


Theatre Smith-Gilmour is an artistically driven professional theatre company located in Toronto, Canada.

The company is committed to creating theatre developed through an artistic process that gives expression and dignity to people's imaginations and fantasies; that communicates to audiences stories of personal and universal meaning with a compassionate vision of the human condition.

The company was founded by Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour, who both graduated from L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris in 1978.

Their mandate includes educating the public and deepening their understanding of the artistic process thus nurturing the public's appreciation of art and artists through direct interactive contact.

They perform in order to move the imagination of each audience member by presenting work that is humanist, of a high quality, and unique.

Through stage productions, new play development, workshops and residencies, they promote a living Canadian theatre of image and action combined with text; a theatre rooted in the art of physical, clown and image theatre for a popular audience in Toronto and around the world. In addition the company sustains the growth of a group of performers and designers as creative artists who are the heart and soul of the work.

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