The Bedrock Creators’ Initiative

Vierge Factory 2022/23 Season, Photo by Dahlia Katz

Launched in 2020 under the expert guidance of Nina Lee Aquino and Matt McGeachy, the Bedrock Creators Initiative is a cornerstone of new work development at Factory Theatre. With the incredible support of the Lindy Green Family Foundation, this program has been a launch pad for the development of new Canadian work for the Factory Stage. Playwrights Supported by the Bedrock Creator’s Initiative include: David Yee (Among Men, Factory 2021/22 Season) Marie Beath Badian (The Waltz, Factory 2022/23 Season) Rachel Mutombo (Vierge, Factory 2022/23 Season) Colleen Wagner (Armadillos Factory 2022/23 Season). 

The Bedrock Initiative’s goal is to deeply support selected playwrights through intensive dramaturgy and development, straight through to a full production of their work. 

This year, in addition to continuing to commission and develop new projects for our future, the Bedrock Initiative continues to support Factory in finding new and exciting ways to bring Canadian storytelling to our audiences. 

In The Kitchen by Fatuma Adar, Augusto Bitter, Olivier Choinière (with translation by Bobby Theodore) and Rosa Laborde, premiering in 2024, is a perfect example of the innovation, collaboration, and joy that can be found when we as theatre companies are able to deeply support our playwrights, and create clear pathways to production for creators. 

The Bedrock Initiative is a beautiful umbrella for how we develop new work at Factory. At its heart, a love letter to our communities – it is an initiative built around our playwrights and creators providing them precious time to explore their imaginations, autonomy over their creative work and process, structure from Factory as a creative institution, and a home for their work as it grows and blossoms. 

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For information on how to support our creative professionals, playwrights, and new Canadian work, please contact Fundraising and Development Manager Mollie Garrett at