The Bedrock Creators’ Initiative

Vierge Factory 2022/23 Season, Photo by Dahlia Katz
Lead Program Supporter

Launched in 2020 under the expert guidance of Nina Lee Aquino and Matt McGeachy, the Bedrock Creators Initiative is a cornerstone of new work development at Factory Theatre. With the incredible support of the Lindy Green Family Foundation, this program has been a launch pad for the development of new Canadian work for the Factory Stage. Playwrights Supported by the Bedrock Creator’s Initiative include: David Yee (Among Men, Factory 2021/22 Season) Marie Beath Badian (The Waltz, Factory 2022/23 Season) Rachel Mutombo (Vierge, Factory 2022/23 Season) Colleen Wagner (Armadillos Factory 2022/23 Season). 

The Bedrock Initiative’s goal is to deeply support selected playwrights through intensive dramaturgy and development, straight through to a full production of their work. 

The Bedrock Initiative is a beautiful umbrella for how we develop new work at Factory. At its heart, a love letter to our communities – it is an initiative built around our playwrights and creators providing them precious time to explore their imaginations, autonomy over their creative work and process, structure from Factory as a creative institution, and a home for their work as it grows and blossoms. 

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