Training Enhancement Programs

Factory Mechanicals

The Factory Mechanicals is a professional program geared towards emerging actors who have completed a post-secondary theatre training program within the last 5-7 years. This program is intended to offer the artists both mentorship opportunities and Masterclass training. The intent and focus of the program is to fill a gap in the artistic training of young artists by providing an in depth of knowledge with the Canadian theatre cannon, tools for the actor during new play development and workshops, and long term professional mentorship.

The Mechanicals is a small group of 8-10 artists (small in number to be able to give each participant concentrated focus) that will be selected by the Artistic Director of Factory Theatre. These talented artists will be chosen through our General Auditions, held annually. The selection process will be through invitation only.


2019/20 Mechanicals

Yvonne Addai

Makram Ayache

Noah Beemer

John Echano

Michelle Mohammed

Pablo Ogunlesi

Marissa Orjalo

Aria Sharma

Former Factory Mechanicals

Factory Foremen

The Factory Foremen is an intensive program for training early career directors, designers, dramaturgs, and production managers. Through a combination of masterclasses with directors, designers, and dramaturgs; working on new play development projects from the Natural Resources Creation Group and The Foundry; and serving as assistant director, apprentice designer, apprentice dramaturg, or apprentice production assistant for one of the shows in our season, the Foremen aims to provide hands-on training in developing, directing, and designing new work, from workshop to mainstage. Frustrated by there being too few directors, designers, dramaturgs, and production managers of colour in Toronto, Factory decided to channel that frustration into an innovative training program that partners with individuals and organizations throughout Toronto to sponsor a Foreman for the season, where they will be partnered with one of our master directors or designers for the season.

2021/22 Foremen

Kayla Ado

Gunes Agduk

Nicole Eun-Ju Bell

Temi(lola) Gafaar

Cameron Grant

Redford Hauser

Jacob Lin

Renée Wong

* Kayla Ado and Gunes Agduk‘s participation in the Factory Foremen program is generously supported by the York University Research Chair in Theatre and Performance History.

Former Factory Foremen

The Foundry

The Foundry is a new work creation group for early career writers. Participants will be guided through the process of generating new work, leading to a completed script.

2021/22 Foundry

Makram Ayache

Karthy Chin

Carolyn Fe

Ganesh Thava

The Foundry new work creation group is generously supported by the Paul Butler & Chris Black Foundation
Makram Ayache’s participation in the Factory Foundry program is generously supported by Fringe Theatre Alberta.

Former Factory Foundry

Factory Engineer

The Factory Engineer is our artistic leadership & producer training program.  The impetus for creating this program stems from the shortage of artistic leaders of colour in the Toronto theatre community.  Although progress towards a more inclusive and diverse theatre community is being made all the time, we are still in an incubation stage especially in the area of artistic leadership. There is a marked increase in talented, fresh, and passionate culturally diverse artists who want to step up and take a leadership role; however, there are still many barriers preventing these individuals from realizing their potential. The overall goal of this program is to provide the necessary resources, environment, and mentorship to develop one to two individuals of diverse backgrounds into artistic leaders in the Toronto theatre community. 

Under the Artistic Director’s and Managing Director’s guidance, the participants are fully immersed for one to two years in the world of creating theatre in the most comprehensive sense: from seeking out and cultivating the work and artists (new play and artist development), to conceptualizing the work (season and production planning), securing funding (grant writing), developing and executing a marketing plan, and finally realizing that vision and putting it onto the stage (producing, dramaturgy and directing).

2016/17 Engineer

2017/18 & 2018/19 Engineer

2019/20 Engineer

Jeff Ho’s participation in the 2016/17 Engineer program was generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council
Miquelon Rodriguez’s participation in the 2017/18 & 2018/19 Engineer program was generously supported by The Lindy Green Family Charitable Foundation
Natasha Mumba’s participation in the 2019/20 Engineer program is generously supported by the Metcalf Foundation