Christopher-Elizabeth headshot


Hi! Christopher-Elizabeth (they/them), a (deep breath) Queer Afro-Indigenous interdisciplinary storyteller, designer, and dramaturg. I’m really interested in the inner world of the audience, which I explore using a combination of immersive and interactive design. I hope challenge audiences to notice the sounds they only hear when it’s too quiet, to think the thoughts they’ve silenced, and to remember their playfulness and their wonder that never quite aged away.

I care deeply about creating a nurturing creative process. Something doubly important when working with emerging artists. I aim to make a safe space for artists to discover, to play, to develop to….Pickle. If we can feel safe being a little silly, I call that a win, and if we can make our audiences feel the same, even better.

What do you say to a pickle in the morning?
Rise and brine.

Recent and Upcoming Credits
Researcher + Engineer for Pure Research at Nightswimming [Sep 2022-23],
Designer + Composer for i love the smell of gasoline at Pencil Kit Productions [Oct 2022-23]
Composer for Salt Baby at Theatre Aquarius [Sept 2022]
Young Gifted and Black Cohort Member at Obsidian Theatre [Aug 2022-23],
Sound Designer + Engineer for The House Key Project at Porchlight Theatre [Jul 2022] Sound Designer + Composer for the Dora Nominated Three Ordinary Men at Cahoots Theatre [Jun 2022].
Assistant Sound Designer + Composer for Hookman at TMU [Apr 2022]
Dramaturg for Camp Menses at Pickles Theatre Co. [Sept 2021]