Heather Marie Annis

Heather Marie Annis headshot


For Theatre Gargantua: A Tonic For Desperate Times, artistic intern for e-DENTITY.

Other selected credits: Orphan Song (Tarragon Theatre), Post Alice (Here for Now Theatre), Christmas Carol (SoupCan Theatre), Remembering The Winnipeg General (Dora Nominated for Best Ensemble, Zeitpunk Theatre), Let’s Go (DMT Productions), The Money Tree (Dora Nominated for Best Ensemble, Roseneath), Bright Lights (Theatre Bruhaha), Emily’s Piano (YPT), By A Thread (Sterling Studio Theatre), and the Morro and Jasp series including: Morro and Jasp: 9-5 (Factory Theatre), Morro and Jasp: Go Bake Yourself (Dora Winner).

Heather is an actor, director, playwright, educator, theatrical and therapeutic clown, co-artistic director of U.N.I.T. Productions, and “Morro” of the Dora and Canadian Comedy Award winning clown duo, Morro and Jasp. You can currently see her in the web series, The Supers, The Stoners and The Big Bad.

Heather sends a heartfelt thank you to the Gargantua team for having her aboard this fantastic project, the whole cast and crew for their love, spirit and creativity; and the ever supportive Alastair and Valkyrie. Follow @corginfluencer for cute puppy pics. heathermarieannis.com