Jeysa Caridad

Jeysa Caridad headshot


Jeysa is a first generation Canadian Theatre Artist with Cuban heritage and alumni of Humber’s Theatre Arts Performance Program. She is the co-creator of ConQueso Collective, which focuses its work in devising highly physical pieces which resonate with Latinx and new generation communities. Highlighted productions include: F*cking Perfect (Chocolatekiss Collective, Best of Fringe); The Nails by Jason Maghanoy (DIR: Tanya Rintoul, Summerworks); The Sea by Edward Bond (DIR: Christopher Stanton); Tiresias by Kate Tempest (DIR: Fides Krucker and Sharon Moore); How to Build a Flying Machine (DIR: Dan Watson and Christina Serra); The Aristocrats by Brian Friel (DIR: William Kerr, Master Playwright Festival).