Jonnie Lombard

Jonnie Lombard headshot


Jonnie is a trans performer, creator, and decent baker stumbling through the side-quests of sentience in Tkaronto. Their art is all about monday melodramas, the colour and camp in our everyday comings and goings, the liberating silliness of doing stuff live, and wearing fun hats. Recently, they’ve been a pigeon in Featherhead (Birdbrain Theatre Co.), a Chekhovian matriarch in Insert Clown Here (Parlous Theatre), a snail-mountain lovechild in Curses! (Big Kablammo Collective), and a Wizard DJ in UVGP (Pickles Theatre Co.). They are currently the assistant dramaturg for Tarragon Theatre’s Young Playwrights Unit, and continue to nibble away at their magnum-ish opus EEK! or the “Mice Turned Me Trans!” Play.