Trevor Schwellnus

Trevor Schwellnus headshot


Trevor designs sets, lights, and video for performances with independent groups. He was born on unceded Algonquin land. One of his chief obsessions is the intersection of design, dramaturgy, and cross-cultural art-making. As Artistic Producer at Aluna Theatre, his work includes The Solitudes, Dividing Lines, and Nohayquiensepa (No one knows), and hosting the CAMINOS and RUTAS Festivals. Previous designs at Factory include Armadillos, The Madness of the SquareWe Keep Coming Back, and Bird’s Eye View. Other credits: Rubble, White Girls in Moccasins, Alien Creature, Blood Weddings, The Sheep and the Whale, Marine Life, Of A Monstrous Child, Silicone Diaries, Out the Window, Here are the Fragments, and others. He redesigned Toronto’s Dora Award statuette in 2019, and has 6 Dora Awards.