Plays2Perform @ Home show poster

Plays2Perform @ Home

June 22 2021


Featuring four new works by Jeff Ho
Aaron Jan
Marina Moreira
Rachel Mutombo

PLAYS2PERFORM@HOME goes national! Following Boca Del Lupo’s success of their 2020 Western Canada Box set of “home delivery theatre”, Factory Theatre is proud to be a partner of their new Ontario Box Set featuring 4 brand new commissioned works from playwrights Jeff Ho, Aaron Jan, Marina Moreira, and Rachel Mutombo!

Plays2Perform@Home asks the audience to take a leading role in creating a piece of theatre with the close friends and family they have chosen to be part of their “bubble”. These short plays are to be performed around the dinner table, picnic blanket, or campfire with or without an audience. Each Box Set contains 4 different plays with up to 4 characters, with an individual copy for each character for everyone to play their part.

The Ontario Box joins 3 other new play boxes being developed by Boca Del Lupo with theatre companies across Canada – the Prairie Box (Persephone Theatre & Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre), the Quebec Box (Centaur Theatre), and the Eastern Box (Theatre New Brunswick & Eastern Front Theatre).

Box Set Sales are now live! Grab your Box Set at for $30 each or all of the box sets for $125 (plus taxes and shipping).

Front Fix Valley by Jeff Ho

Jeff Ho

Jeff Ho is a theatre artist originally from Hong Kong. He acts, he writes, and he loves working with other artists as a dramaturg. He feels incredibly fortunate to spend most of his time dreaming up stories, drinking coffee, and cuddling up with his love of his life, Pierre, and their cat, Bugz. He wishes you lots of care and love during this pandemic, and hope to share a laugh with you in the future, over all your beautiful stories.

About Front Fix Valley
Chris and Ash’s friend has just come out, and they are throwing a dinner party for him and his Asian “boy toy.” But the night if fraught with questions of etiquette. Is it “gay” or “queer”? What kind of food to serve? And is Brokeback Mountain a suitable coming out present? Find out in Jeff Ho’s comedy of manners and invitation to hospitality. Wear your best socks.

GEODE by Aaron Jan

Aaron Jan

Aaron Jan is a Hamilton-born, Toronto-based playwright, director and dramaturg. He has worked as a creator with Factory Theatre, Canadian Stage, Native Earth Performing Arts, The Musical Stage Company, Theatre Aquarius, fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre and most recently as a commissioned playwright with York University. Aaron is a member of the critically acclaimed, Silk Bath Collective, who are currently in a creation residency at Theatre Passe Muraille. He is the 2019 winner of the Ken McDougall directing award and has logged over 109 hours in Dragon Quest 11 this month.

It’s lunchtime at Westdale Secondary School and the Campaign to Re-elect Sydney Porier as student council president is in crisis. An altercation with opponent Arnold Wong led to Sydney hurling a geode from science class at his head. The school is outraged, social media is abuzz, the vice principal might become involved – unless Sydney apologizes. The only trouble is, Sydney does not feel sorry. Explore the ethics of public apologies in Aaron Jan’s teenage political thriller about the cutthroat world of campaigns and social media.

Apple Of My Eye by Marina Moreira

Marina Moreira

“The pandemic is not a residency”

I stole this quotation from a friend’s social media feed. It is a reminder that “now” is not the time to produce my magnum opus. Instead “now” is a time to remind myself of interests that have been set aside in favour of more practical pursuits. I read more, I listen more, I look around a little more, and am struck more by the beauty of everyday objects around me (I’ve become very obsessed with beautiful packaging lately). This piece is very different from what I usually write, a bit of an experiment in simply looking at objects differently, and maybe leaving things a little imperfect.

About Apple Of My Eye
How far would you go to keep a secret from your love? How far would you go to keep that secret if it was a carefully planned heist of a priceless work of early feminist sculpture from a major art gallery where you work as a respected art restorer? Marina Moreira’s exciting art-heist domestic drama has it all – love triangles, subterfuge, and the dulcet tones of a CBC radio announcer. Do you have what it takes to steal the forbidden fruit?

Home Sweet Home by Rachel Mutombo

Rachel Mutombo

Rachel Mutombo is an award-winning actor and writer. A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, Rachel has performed on stages in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. She is also featured in the recurring role of Darby Gruss on Freeform’s The Bold Type. Rachel has had essays published by CBC, Intermission Magazine and ByBlacks. She is currently developing her play Vierge at Factory Theatre. Vierge was recently awarded first place in Infinitheatre’s annual playwriting competition. The jury for the prize stated that Rachel is “…one of the most exciting, original voices to come out of Canadian theatre in many years.

About Home Sweet Home
In today’s red hot housing market, we’re used to vicious competition among buyers. But what if your house itself turned against you? River and Lex have just scored their dream home, a beautiful detached in a nice neighbourhood in Toronto. Surrounded by their moving boxes, River and Lex feel deep contentment. But the House feels underappreciated, and isn’t exactly enamored of its new owners. In this quasi supernatural battle of wills, who will win: the determined buyers, or the house who wants them gone?