Creation Groups

The Foundry

The Foundry is a new work creation group for early career writers. Participants will be guided through the process of generating new work, leading to a completed script.

2019-20 Foundry

Minh Ly

Rachel Mutombo

Sepehr Reybod

Margarita Valderrama

The Lab Creative Residency

Factory’s Lab Creative Residency is an opportunity for interdisciplinary artists from all performance disciplines to take up residency at Factory for a period several weeks to investigate a question or series of questions, not necessarily tied to any specific project or piece. The Lab is a place for experimentation, and an expansion of Factory’s commitment to building long-term relationships with artists. All performance disciplines, from dancers and choreographers to playwrights and designers to performance artists and directors and beyond, can come to Factory and use the building as their resource. The Lab is a flexible program tailored to the individual needs of participants, and a small stipend is provided.

2019-20 Lab Creative Residents

Keshia Cheesman

Rebecca Gibian

Sam Kalilieh

Bianca Miranda

Morro & Jasp

Natasha Mumba