Pablo Ogunlesi

Pablo Ogunlesi headshot


Pablo Ogunlesi is a Nigerian-Canadian playwright, producer, director and actor. He was born in London, England, however he lived in Nigeria and Switzerland before immigrating to Canada, where he found his passion for acting. Pablo graduated from the Ryerson School of Performance Acting program, where he wrote, produced and starred in Black President, a cultural and political play about post-colonial Nigeria, through the perspective of activist and musical genius Fela Kuti. The play made its debut in the Ryerson New Voices Festival. Post-graduation, Pablo has performed internationally in Australia and Vietnam. He has also featured in TV docudrama series If I Should Die and a Stub-hub commercial. Works include: So Speaks The Land, Mateo (2019) Black President, Fela Kuti (2019) This Is How We Live, Frantic Assembly (2019); The Odyssey, Ensemble (2018); The Women, 1st Saleswoman, Maggie (2018); The Seventh Seal, Jonas Skat, (2017); Orpheus Descending, Valentine Xavier (2017); Julius Caesar, Metellus Cimber, Messala (2016); Seminar, Martin (2016).