Rouvan Silogix

Rouvan Silogix headshot


Rouvan Silogix is a mixed-race writer / director / actor / classical pianist newish to Toronto via NYC. During his time in Toronto he was notably director of Professionally Ethnic at the SummerWorks Performance Festival 2017 (NOW Rating: NNNN, awarding in 3-categories including “Best Production”), writer and director of Grab ‘Em by the Pussy; Or How To Stop Worrying & Love The Bomb (TPM Backspace), with Susan G. Cole writing “…you won’t be bored for a second… Rouvan Silogix is a gifted talented… You’ll walk out of this show not knowing what hit you”. He was also producer, performer, and assistant director for the Private Life Cabaret at the SummerWorks Performance Festival 2018, as adapted by Ted Witzel & Susanna Fournier, and created by Esther Jun. He previously worked as a professional in NYC and Karachi, Pakistan.

Rouvan is utterly delighted to be part of the Factory Theatre family.