Beyond the Stars show poster

Beyond the Stars

April 8–10 2022, Studio Theatre

Running Time: 75 minutes
Recommended for all ages

Beyond the Stars, is an interdisciplinary, ensemble piece devised with and featuring the graduating class of Centennial College Performance Program. Loosely based on Antoine St. Exupery’s beloved novella The Little Prince, this piece follows, on one level, the simple story of a pilot’s crash landing in the desert and his life-changing friendship with a small boy from another planet. On another level, Beyond the Stars is an invitation to contemplate the human condition: loneliness, isolation, growing up, unresolved childhood dreams, the world, the people who inhabit it, love and loss, and the possibilities that exist beyond the stars.

Cast & Creative Team

Tristan R Whiston

Director & Dramaturge

Anna Camilleri

Production Designer

Kathleen Rea


Ari Mclaughlin
MacKie Cass
Isabelle Cheese
Tiffany Clarke
Ana de Gois Frederiksen
Celēs Emmerson
Cris Gonver
Rhys Lourie
RJ Mayo
Paige Mehmet
Cindy Dzib
Alexander Parolin