Beyond the veil: Messages from the other side with Angel Morgan show poster

Beyond the veil: Messages from the other side with Angel Morgan

April 5 2023, Studio Theatre

Running Time: 120 minutes
Recommended for ages 12+

Come join us on a journey beyond the veil where psychic, animal communicator and energetic expert will bring through messages from loved ones who have crossed over, pets, guides, guardians, and more.

Experience the teachings of medicine people from around the world, and learn about your abilities as an intuitive! This will be a night you won’t forget that will enlighten, empower and inspire your life!

Angel is amazing onstage

Chris Martin, Burlington, ON

The messages were accurate, and it meant so much that my dad came through.

Penny Wright, Toronto, ON

When my puppy who passed came through to Angel when I was in her audience I couldn’t believe it. Thank you!

Mary Thomson, Barrie, ON

About Angel Morgan

Angel is internationally renown for her ability to facilitate for families privately or through media and for companies across the world as a psychic, medium,animal communicator and energetic expert.

For 18+ years she has shared the teachings of many cultures through her intuitive work, and has helped people from all walks of life to find closure, connect with loved ones who have crossed over, speak to animals, and create an effortless path to unconditional self awareness, truth and love.

Her intentions are always for the best and highest good of all those she reads. This is apparent in the passion Angel has for her work, and her relatable, fun, loving nature when she brings through spirits of light to assist her. This natural ability to live in joy has made her the person that everyone loves to be around and enriches each session she has with clients.