From Montreal with Love show poster

From Montreal with Love

May 31 2024, Studio Theatre

Running Time: 50 – 70 minutes

From Montreal with Love features three comedians from Montreal – two new and one old. We are thrilled to introduce Sloan Kooshan and Rose Ingrid Benjamin and featuring the legendary Martha Chaves. Oh, and Martha’s not old age-wise she’s just been on the comedy scene for more than two decades. She started when she was five.

A little about the players:

Martha Chaves: With her blend of personal storytelling and devilish charm, Martha is a joy in any genre. She’s got a friendly delivery, but her in-your-face attitude will keep you on your toes.

Rose Ingrid Benjamin: Guess someone should call her former pastor and tell him that the exorcism didn’t work. Rose-Ingrid Benjamin (she/they) is just out here trynamake sense of it all. Child of immigrants, recovering former evangelical and notoriously single, they’re sifting through the puddles of life and laughing along the way. This late bloomer leaves no stone unturned as she processes her various eras with wit and exuberance.

Sloan Kooshan: A queer and trans Iranian stand-up comedian, he ingeniously employs humour to challenge stereotypes and societal issues.

Martha Chaves

In her own words, Martha Chaves is “the most famous LGBTQ-Nicaraguan-Canadian stand-up comic in the world.” She came to Canada as a refugee, but Martha has established herself as one of the country’s most sought-after performers. Now, she is an award-winning comedian, actor, activist, emerging playwright & podcaster.

Martha won Stand-up Comic of the Year at the 2018 Canadian Comedy Awards. Her album, “CHUNKY SALSA,” was featured among the 11 Best Comedy Albums of 2019 (Interrobang Magazine.)

She is known for her coast-to-coast stand-up tours, one-woman shows, and appearances at numerous festivals. She’s also a regular on CBC’s Laugh Out Loud, The Debaters, and Because News.

Rose Ingrid Benjamin

Raised in Ottawa Rose-Ingrid Benjamin (she/they) is a member of the Haitian diaspora settled in what is commonly known as Canada. She has clearly taken disappointing her Haitian mother as a calling as she has followed the dopamine to a new career every few years. From singer to preacher to actor to writer and now comedian, Rose-Ingrid has left no stone unturned as they subconsciously attempt to make up for her lack of medical degree by collecting hyphenates. They have performed stand-up in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, including Lady Fest Montreal,, Fresh Hot Babes, Strip Joker, The World’s Smallest Comedy Festival, KickBack MTL.

Sloan Kooshan

Born in France to Iranian parents and raised in Quebec, his multicultural background enriches his comedy with unique wit and insightful observations. As the producer of the ‘Zaddy Comedy Show,’ Sloan addresses topics like toxic masculinity, racism, and tokenism, merging personal anecdotes with sharp critiques.

His performances, notably at Zoofest and Lady Fest in 2023 and his European debut in Berlin and Leipzig, highlight his ability to connect with diverse audiences, showcasing comedy’s power in sparking meaningful conversations on identity and societal norms.