Hedda Gabler show poster

Hedda Gabler

March 22–24 2024, Studio Theatre

Running Time: 150 minutes

Written by Henrik Ibsen
Translated by Judith Thompson

Hedda Gabler, translated by Judith Thompson, follows a woman’s pursuit to find fulfillment in the domestic life prescribed to her by societal expectations. As the claustrophobia from her new marriage intensifies, so does the chaos infiltrating the lives of everyone involved. Filled with love triangles, competition, secrets, and the ever present threat of the General Gabler’s pistols, this psychedelic reimagining of Ibsen’s masterpiece asks the question: “how much can one woman handle, and what happens when you push her past that limit.”

Content Warning

Please be advised that this production contains a variety of mature and dark themes which may be triggering for some audience members.

Please consult the list of warnings in order to properly understand the potentially triggering contents of the play.

Cast & Creative Team

Hannah Chown

Hedda Gabler

Cassandra Marrazza-Radeschi


Rebecca Robitaille

Aunt J

Ethan Verderber

George Tesman

Hillary Adebayo

Thea Elvsted

Nezar El-Rayes

Judge Brack

Valentine Leger

Eilert Lovborg

Stella Danakas


Emily Beaubien

Director and Producer

Daniele Chernyak

Set Designer

Andrea Perez

Costume Designer

Cass Iacovelli

Lighting Designer

Casey Belland

Sound Designer

Fiona Du

Stage Manager

Kallel Meister

Assistant Set Designer

Alex Sousa Bispo

Assistant Sound Designer

Elzbieta Chernyak


Anya Invantchenko

Props Master

Adrianna Blancher

Make-up Artist

Nicole Young-Dalley

Make-up Artist

Corey Tazmania

Intimacy Coordinator

Greg Danakas

Fight Coordinator

Kevin Akhaida

Poster Artist