War and Peace: Fundraiser for Gaza show poster

War and Peace: Fundraiser for Gaza

June 8 2024, Mainspace Theatre

Running Time: 240 minutes

Join GTA Singers Nader Khan and Raz Hyder and Poets Leena Halees and Rowda Mohamud as we celebrate Palestinian resilience and  raise money for food and clean water for the displaced population in Gaza.

Content Warnings

Images of Palestinian resilience will be projected during the concert, and may be upsetting. Don’t let this discourage you from attending – we stand as witnesses to what the Palestinians are living, dying and suffering through.

About the Artists

Leena Halees

Leena Halees is a Palestinian writer, human rights advocate, community organizer and poet. Her work is published in Soul in Space Magazine and Muchacha Zine.

Nader Khan

Nader is a Canadian singer-songwriter, recording artist, producer, arts educator, and musicologist, with a specific focus on traditional and contemporary Islamic devotional/Sufi music. Over the last 25 years, he has toured and performed across the world, in solo performances, and on tours with other internationally renowned artists. Nader has also spearheaded various social justice initiatives that promote local and international relief efforts through his work.

You can find Nader’s music across all streaming platforms. To book him, individually or with his band The Blacksmiths, touch base on socials (@NaderKhanOfficial) or email info@NaderKhan.com.

Nader is also an executive producer for the podcast “STORIES FROM THE SEERAH”, covering the entire Seerah of The Prophet (ﷺ) in a rarely-experienced level of detail, expertly narrated by the renowned Seerah teacher, Dr. Bano Murtuja. Subscribe today at StoriesFromTheSeerah.SuperCast.com.

The Blacksmiths

A diverse group of percussionists and vocalists that provide a beautiful live backdrop for Nader Khan’s songs and music.

Raz Hyder

Raz Hyder is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter, rapper, producer, and founder of Lost Poet Records. He’s collaborated with renowned artists such as Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and Isam B. He’s opened for Hasan Minhaj, Brother Ali, Mo Amer, Shawn Hook and Mustafa the Poet.

Raz’s unique sound is a blend of hip-hop and alternative rock, coined “Stadium Hip-Hop”.

His debut album is set for release on June 22nd. You can follow him on socials at @razhyder. Search for “Raz Hyder” to find his work on streaming platforms.

Rowda Mohamud

Rowda Mohamud, based in Oakville, Ontario, is a distinguished Somali-Canadian Muslim poet, mother, and management consultant. She has earned acclaim for her poignant exploration of faith, identity, and the power of language. In 2017, she was honored with the inaugural Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing for her poetry collection *Please Find Yourself a Space*, which delves into her experiences with faith, racism, Islamophobia, and her identity as a Muslim woman in Canada.

Rowda’s work is heavily influenced by her grandmother, who instilled in her a deep appreciation for the beauty and transformative power of words. Her poetry captures the complexities of intersectional identity and the human spirit, resonating with a wide audience.

Her contributions to literature and her community have made her a notable figure in contemporary Canadian poetry, inspiring many with her eloquent reflections on life and faith.

Samara Abbas Chaudhry

Samara, a grade 7 student, has harbored a keen interest in reciting Islamic devotional music since childhood. Her talent has seen her participate in numerous events, earning recognition. Inspired by her interest in current affairs surrounding Islamophobia and the Palestinian freedom movement, Samara has channeled her passion into writing poems that resonate with strong emotional messages of peace and harmony. With a fervent desire to contribute to spreading the true understanding of Islam, Samara looks forward to continuing her journey in advocating for positive change.