Nina Lee Aquino, talks about the past, present and future of Canadian theatre with CBC’s Graham Isador

February 25, 2020 / General

I’ve had joys through the eyes of my artists I’ve had the privilege and honour of bringing to Factory. I’ve had joy being able to re-establish Factory as a home for Canadian creation. Being able to redefine what Canada means on my own terms…When people think of Factory they think Canadian, but now they also know that Canadian doesn’t need to mean white.

Nina Lee Aquino for CBC Arts

Factory’s fearless Artistic Director, Nina Lee Aquino, sat down with the CBC’s Graham Isador to talk about Factory’s 50th Anniversary and the ongoing fight for inclusivity on Canada’s stages.

Under Nina’s leadership, Factory has put emphasis on the creation of theatre from BlPOC artists and putting women at the forefront of the theatre’s creative endeavours. Read the full interview to learn more about Factory’s 50 year history, about the path that led Nina to her current position at Factory, and the next 50 years of fighting for diversity on Canadian stages.

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