WaterFall show poster


December 1–4 2022, Mainspace Theatre


Running Time: 60 Minutes (no Intermission)

Written by The Ensemble
Directed by Jacquie P.A. Thomas
Featuring: Heather Marie Annis, Muhaddisah, Andrew Soutter, Michael Gordon Spence, Trisha Talreja


Water is the source. It is our primary need. The essence of life. Where it is abundant we take it for granted. Where it is scarce we fight to acquire it. It is the source of everything, including our stories.

We understand this intrinsically. Water is found throughout the universe, it covers almost three quarters of the planet, yet it remains one of the most peculiar, mysterious molecules in modern science. Water’s strangeness, it turns out, is what makes it the most suitable material for sustaining life. There has never been life on land without life in the water. Yet the water on our planet, key to virtually every living system, is under threat.

WaterFall is an exploration of our complex and poetic relationship with water. This devised work has been collectively written by the ensemble to unlock our longings, misunderstandings and fears about what is hidden beneath the surface. Science and mythology are interwoven with live music in this imagistic piece about the most essential of elements.

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Show Dates & Times

Thursday December 1 at 7:30PM (Preview)
Friday December 2 at 7:30PM
Saturday December 3 at 7:30PM
Sunday December 4 at 2:00PM (Reserve tickets in advance OR Pay What You Can at the door)

*All ticket prices include a $2 Heritage & Maintenance Fee

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